July 01, 2006


After much thought and consideration. I have decided that maybe I /should/ post still... (considering I just did so I kind of have to now xD).

Thanks for your comment nlsngrc. As much as rookiee is a friend of mine... I can kind of see it. *sigh*

I'm just being honest.



Blogger nlsngrc said...

Hello... just in case he's browsing... Rookiee, you've got a good thing going and remember about those who don't necessarily embrace the pedophile ideology but very much believe in intergenerational relationships; Don't fuck up.

2:58 PM  
Blogger Ragwot said...

Well, like, for example. A few people I know are against the whole "Pedophile" or "boylove/girllove" stuff as such... Yet they're friends with me xD (And they're rather a bit older).

And I really don't think Rookiee reads what I write =)

3:40 PM  

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