June 28, 2006

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Well, today... hmmm...

I got up, brushed my teeth, talked to a few people, bitched at a few of them... and eventually turned up here. I looked at the new post on
Paiderastia, and than bitched at Hellpig on Lgsinmyheart's Blog... simply because he was being an asshat.

People like this really make me wonder how the human race is going to look in a few years... right now it doesn't look too good. We can't get along, groups are warring out at one another, and we can't seem to find middle ground. Those of us at Paiderastia seem to have a rational approach... let alone any other childlover. We all seem to take this in a rational, calm way. Whereas people like those at
Absolute Zero seem to have nothing but insults to sling. I find this sad... that people must stoop to such a low simply because they want to cause shit. That's all Absolute Zero seems to be for... is to cause shit and cause problems which are absoluely unneeded. Rational thought and discussion is what is needed in this world, not insults. Especially towards a whole country.



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