June 29, 2006


I've decided, in all honesty. I have no intention of being taken for as something I am not. I have gotten bitched at enough today, and I've had my self esteem dragged in the mud. I no longer have time for this, Paiderastia, or any other thing.

I'm always here if someone needs me, but don't expect me to post any longer.

Between Hellpig's insults, and Rookiee's FUCKING attitude. I have no more time for this.

Goodnight, and Goodbye.


June 28, 2006

Hellpig: post here.

There. Now you can bitch at me on my own ground. Sling an insult, sling a threat. I'd love to see the best thing you have.

I await your comment.


Insert Date Here

Well, today... hmmm...

I got up, brushed my teeth, talked to a few people, bitched at a few of them... and eventually turned up here. I looked at the new post on
Paiderastia, and than bitched at Hellpig on Lgsinmyheart's Blog... simply because he was being an asshat.

People like this really make me wonder how the human race is going to look in a few years... right now it doesn't look too good. We can't get along, groups are warring out at one another, and we can't seem to find middle ground. Those of us at Paiderastia seem to have a rational approach... let alone any other childlover. We all seem to take this in a rational, calm way. Whereas people like those at
Absolute Zero seem to have nothing but insults to sling. I find this sad... that people must stoop to such a low simply because they want to cause shit. That's all Absolute Zero seems to be for... is to cause shit and cause problems which are absoluely unneeded. Rational thought and discussion is what is needed in this world, not insults. Especially towards a whole country.


The Basics

So, let's give you the basics about me.

Name: Iris
Nickname: Ragwot
Religion: Buddhist
Sexual Orintation: Bisexual
Beliefs: That all people are equal, and not to be judged under any bar that you would judge yourself. That people should raise their IQ's above the IQ of a bucket of potatoe salad, and be loved by their fellow wo/man instead of annoying the fuck out of them. (To be continued.)


For many years of my life I was brought up by the television set. I was in a neglectful enviroment with little to no proof of love. After many years, me and my father... being the stubborn people we are started to fight one another. This continued on for many years before it started to get worse. By age 10 (a bit before I became as such), My father was full out abusing me. It grew from verbal abuse... to mental abuse... to physical abuse. My suicide attempts started as the mental abuse grew. Which are still currently being worked on with outside help. After about 3 years of being physically abused and no one believing me, my Father attempted to strangle my Mother. My Father was taken into custody and put into detox. (He was is an alcoholic.) After 3 months of being in jail my father was moved into Inpatient rehab... and I was still not allowed to see him, though my Mother (The Victim) could. So could my little brother of 4 years. After he came back from Inpatient rehab, he was still not allowed to visit me. After a few months, a few days before my birthday he was allowed home. I was overjoyed. My suicide attempts decreased after that and I was living rather happily. For that matter.. I lived happily for a while. But, soon my mother started taking my Farthers place with the verbal abuse and the suicide attempts increased again. That's all you really need to know about me as for my history.


I may be gothic, but I'm a giggly person. I love making others laugh, smile, and generally have that happy, glad to be alive feeling. Occasionally I can be rather dark and dreary, but, after a few hours it normally passes and I go back to being random. I care about others around me and do anything in my power to make them happy and generally try to keep it that way. I'm always there for a shoulder to cry on, or to laugh at some immature little joke. I'm here when needed, and easy to get ahold of when I'm not here. I stand up and speak my mind for what I believe is right, and no one can ever hold me back from it. I don't hesitate to answer questions posed towards me, and I will answer them truthfully, and to the best of my ability.

Any other questions that you would like answered, leave a comment, and I'll be sure to add the question along with the designated response in here.

Thank you.


June 27, 2006

The reason for this blog is as follows:

The reason I decided to create this was purely because... perhaps people should get to know me a little bit more instead of simply reading the posts on Paiderastia and thinking I'm simply someone who gets their kicks from telling people they're wrong.

Absolutely incorrect.

I figure I might as well let others get to know me, and know my life before they falsely accuse me of things. I'm not out looking to be considered a jerkoff bitch, or anything of the sort. I'm simply standing up for my opinions on what is right, and for what I believe in. That's all. If others can do it, why can't I?